About us

Pitch the Noise Records is an independent record label SPECIALIZING in electronic music.

It’s born from the need to give global visibility to artists who combine different genres and experiment with different instruments and synthesizers, creating new unrehearsed sounds rich in emotion and warmth.

Our philosophy is based on constant evolution and attentive research on innovative uses of sounds and tools, merging different means of composition and production and crossing the boundaries between the analogue universe and the digital world.

Pitch the Noise is no other than a combination of pitch (melody) and noise, as further proof that every sound can be catalogued and classified as music. 

Pitch the Noise is not only an independent record label, it’s our vision: a bridge between sound arts and visual arts where people converge. Our mission is to merge all these forms of expression through our artists, bringing together musicians, sculptors, painters, videographers, illustrators and graphic designers.

Stay tuned!


Pitch the Noise studios are based in Cantù (CO).

Our services includes audio recordings, mix, mastering, music productions, sound design, game sound design…



“From the Studio” is a series of live sets or dj sets performed in the Pitch the Noise records studios..


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