Pitch the Noise records is an independent record label, specializing in electronic music, and an innovative recording studio.

It’s born by the need to give global visibility to artists who combine different genres, create new sounds, new classifications and types of electronics by experimenting with classical instruments, synthesizers, expressing their musical thought through live-set rich of emotions, warmth, rhythms and sound unrehearsed.

Our musical philosophy is based on the interaction of more means of composition and production, on a constant attention and care for all sounds, researched and created with any tool, both analog and digital.

This is precisely the meaning of “Pitch the Noise”, a fusion of melodic intonation (pitch) and noise (Noise) as further proof that every sound can be cataloged and classified as music!

“Pitch the Noise” is not only an independent record label, is a great art project, a channel of communication and collaboration, a bridge between music and visual arts in continuous expansion. We always aim to merge the different arts, visual and sound, through our artists, through collaborations with sculptors, painters, illustrators, graphic designers …,


We are not just a label
We are an artist community

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Telefon: +39 3928885155
Adresse: Via Donizetti 2, Cantù (CO), 22063, ITALY