Stefano Artini, aka Sino, was born on the November, 3rd 1988 in Tione di Trento (TN, Italy). He is an Italian dj and musician.
In the perdiod between 2005 and 2015 he worked as sound engeneer and light technician for ADM Service.
In 2009 Sino moved to Trento to study philosophy. There, he met Marco Benatti, aka Loran. They jointly created an electronic music project called Vetsera in 2011.
In the same year, he started to attend the music school “CDM” of Rovereto and he attended the electronic music lessons held by the teacher Luca Fronza.
In 2011, Vetsera is one of the finalist of the competition “Suoni Universitari”. The following year they’re the winners of another competition called “Bersi la Musica” in Veneto.

In 2012, he moved to Bologna, where he started cooperating with Soundlab as sound engeneer and sound designer. He created the soundtrack for a documentary called “Il dirigibile” and a short film called “Tellurica – racconti dal cratere” directed by Giuseppe Ferreri.

He collaborated on the album Revolution, Rivoluzione, Revolucao of Nilza Costa.
Sino and Loran started to attend the musical enviroment of Bologna and in this period they met Andrea Vecchio and partecipated to the Electric Lorem events.
The electronic duo was hosted on a radio show called “Maccheroni Elettronici” (Electronic Macaroni) on radio Città del Capo.
In the same period he started to feel the need of a solo project (Sino).
In the period between 2014 and 2015 he worked on his first EP “Supergeography” that is composed by four tracks:

Supergeography (single), Antihistory, Ultramath and Ipolenguage .

In 2016 he worked on the video clip for the song Supergeography with director Cugino Benatti and actress and set designer
Barbara Facchini. The videoclip was awarded at the Berlin Music Awards.
In 2017 he moved to Barcelona, looking for new energy and new opportunities for his work.
In 2019 He gets in touch with the Bridge 48 studio, where he meets Dj producer David Amo.
He later got in contact with The Bass Valley studio, where he formed a strong connection with the engineer Alan Lockwood.
Together they worked on the new draft of Supergeography EP.
In 2020, due to the pandemic and other reasons, he returns to Italy. He began working as a DJ teacher at the CDM school in
Rovereto and in several schools in South Tyrol for a project funded by the European Union.
In 2021, he participates to the European Tour Music Fest The European Music Contest, winning the first prize in the DJ
Producer category.