SIDI, drummer and producer who blends improvisation with patterns captured by everyday objects. It melts electronic sounds with the most authentic audio recordings made by nature and by everyday tools such as glasses, plates, drills and barbecues. By studying various electronic systems, SIDI therefore comes up with a solo project that aims to create trip-hop and dark ambient beats with the help of complex rhythmic sessions mounted on various loopers.

In 2017 he released his first EP “Blood on paper”, the result of a collaboration with the singer Rosita. Subsequently he performed several dates in the “Blood on Paper Tour” which presented numerous collaborations with different artists of the Italian electronic scene.

In 2018 he published a second ep “Beats for stressed days” for Fungus Tune. A work resulting from numerous sampling days from everyday objects.

In 2020, a sonic turn brought SIDI to debut with the single “Don’t ask me again” published for Fungus Tune on Spotify and Youtube with the video by Luca Pistillo.