I have always nourished a passion for sound, but the spark left one day, in a park, when I saw the hands of a percussionist burst on the skin of a djembe. The blood was mixed with the brown of the skin and I got stuck in the intricate plot that unites the sounds with the images of the world. I approached the percussion until my brother showed me the sophisticated vitality of electronic music, artists like Bjork, Radiohead, aphex twin, Portishead, Massive attak filled the sound spectra of my days. 

I have always used music to transcend the mind, to try to get in touch with the source from which every becoming of sound arises, so that every part of that flow can take part in every composition of mine. Kalyan is a project by Maurizio Vuolo. 

The aesthetics of the Kalyan project evolves from three fundamental phases. At first an instinctual encounter takes place with a sound, any sound, this sound element Is reprocessed in a chaotic way following an ordering principle, able to determine a new sound in the third phase.

These three movements are symbolic for/of the concept of becoming of the flow of life, for this reason I consider every song a sort of sonorous life that constantly seeks an elsewhere in the form.