SAVNKO is an Italian producer born in 1996 and now based in Milan.
His love for music began at 14 yo, when he started discovering and listening to electronic music.
At 17 he left his home country for flying to London and improve his knowledge and music culture while working in a coffe shop during both years of his stay.
During this two years in London he discovered a new music word which was completely new to him that he had time to elaborate in the following years back to Italy.

His Ep, “Epic Arguments” is a summary of atmospheres, bright, and dark vibes experienced in UK that he tried to recreate with his own style.
From “THEPHOENIX” , which is a kind of reborn for him, to “WHISTLE” that is a “dark notice” from his home country.
All the tunes in the album, remind him some moments spent in London where he also discovered his love for synths and sampling.