Malstrōm is a solo electronic music project founded by Elia Anelli (Rumor, OlmO) in 2016. The project is based on the creative exploration of electronic sound produced through synthesizers (hardware and software), and the interaction of these with sounds recorded and sampled from acoustic instruments, artificial objects, and natural environment.

The original compositions build a various musical language that is always aimed at focusing on melodic ideas, harmonies and the “research of sound”. The inspiration arises from the images and places of the cinematographic and comic strip narrative of science fiction, where the exploration of physical and human nature overlaps.



“Surfing On The Stones” is the first release of the Malstrom project.

Like all the first times, he carries a great emotional burden.

It is a shame of courage in halting a moment of important biographical changes.

It has a tendency to tend to communicate outward, in my own way, all that they have meant.

“Surfing On The Stones” represents those moments of creativity and recollection in which you are able to swim between sounds and navigate between ideas.

They are moments in which to make sense of what is happening out there, in which to condense aspirations into a handful of notes, a kind of “therapy” made of knobs and melodies.

The science fiction scenario is not only a background, but an active part of the production of the songs, often inspired by the interaction between fantasy science and the creative moment.

The EP title evokes a metaphorical image: surfing the stones seems impossible, but it is not.

Because that’s exactly what we do, day after day.


Professionally printed CD and full color digipack. 

(100 copies)
Cover artwork by Izmo 

Includes unlimited streaming of Surfing on the Stones via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


(we the) people from another world is a cyberpunk adventure along the unexplored paths of an unknown world, but so familiar. A path, whose destination is unknown, which takes shape in detail after every step. We are inside our imagination, in its most peripheral areas, immersed in a changing and moving landscape: the place where all the waste material of our mind goes, an incredibly huge and yet so full space. Scattered pieces, wandering characters, “useless” material created and then thrown that tries to take shape as we pass in the sudden attempt to form something coherent that satisfies the most rational thought. In this world, however, everything is possible and nothing is predictable.

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(we the) people from another world

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