Brian Burgan is a classical trained electronic musician, sound designer and audio engineer.

Born in Naples, after his studies at the SAE Institute in Milano, he completed his bachelor and master degree in Electronic Music and Sound Technologies at the Conservatory of Como, cum laude.

His dissertation research examined the functions and different fields of use of sound design techniques, with examples and implementations.

During his studies he worked as an audio engineer for influential jazz artists such as Joe Fonda, David Liebman, Franco Cerri, Paolo Angeli and Michele Marelli.

Brian also attended numerous seminars with some of the most significant figures of the recent decades in the contemporary music scene: Jean Claud Risset, John Chowning, Horacio Vaggione, Eraldo Bocca and Andrea Valle.
He also worked on location sound recording, post production and sound design, as well as soundtrack composing for several videomakers.

Some highlights of Brian’s career so far include participating at festivals such as “Festival International du Film d’Aubagne”, “Kernel festival”, “Como Città della Musica”, “Parolario”, “Lake Como Film Festival ” and “ La via Lattea ” where he worked on interactive audio-tactile installations.
Brian creates his music with literally anything: guitars, soundscapes, foley sounds, synthesizers and so on.
Marcello Farno from compared Burgan to the Scottish artist Kode9 and his former collaborator The Spaceape. Burgan’s music is a melting pot of different genres, ranging from UK garage influenced style and Glitch-IDM to spacy, dark, berlinese techno.





Video from album Obey To Black by Brian Burgan

Produced by Zhero Video
Director and editor | Damiano Daresta
Cinematographer | Sammy Paravan