Aftersalsa is an Italian synth-pop project composed by Matteo Zappa, Simone Manzotti, Nicolò Posenato and Dario Azzollini. In October 2016 they released their first Ep Chances recorded by Giacomo Zambelloni (Everybody on the Shore), receiving excellent feedback from both the trade press and the stage. At the release of the album follows a long tour in Italy and abroad sharing the stage with 2manydjs, Niki and the Dove, Yakamoto Kotzuga, Yombe, Ninos du Brasil. The traces of Chances are defined as “ethereal, liquid and dark with atmosphere at Angelo Badalamenti in Twin Peaks” (Aural Crave X “I Wanna”), which follow a precise supporting axis in which the synthesizers are the masters.
At the end of the tour, a remix Ep by White Collar was released, the first single extracted by Chances while in January 2018 “You are Gold” was presented on Rolling Stone Italia, a song created in collaboration with Hermit (INRI).
After two years of work sees the light “Concrete”, the first full-length album of the band in January 2019 for Pitch The Noise Records and Wooden Håus Records produced by Marco Giudici and Simone Manzotti.



Aftersalsa “Oscar” Song taken from the album Concrete. Out January 18th 2019 on Pitch The Noise Records and Wooden Håus.

Video directed by Silvia Violante Rouge on a 1992 8mm camera.





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